What are the methods of Amazon FBA shipping channels?

At present, there are three main ways of Amazon FBA transportation channels: air, sea and international express. Then the price and logistics cost of each channel are different, and the timeliness are also different. It also includes some other channels, so as Amazon fba How should the seller choose the appropriate logistics channel?

First of all, when the seller chooses Amazon FBA logistics, they must be clear about their budget logistics costs and timeliness requirements, and secondly, they must also consider the weight or volume of the goods before choosing a suitable logistics plan.

Air freight refers to a freight forwarding company that directly delivers goods to the destination country by air according to existing methods, and then the freight forwarding company’s cooperative distribution organization in the destination country distributes the goods on behalf of a freight logistics method.

If FBA transportation is selected by air, the cost will be relatively more expensive, and there will be a fixed flight time, and it will arrive in Europe in about 10 days.

The long air transportation time is due to the fact that international air transportation companies must round up bulk containers or arrange warehouses in order to save logistics costs, which will delay some time.

In terms of safety factor, FBA is relatively safer to choose air transport.

Sea freight is more cost-effective than air freight, so many Amazon sellers are accustomed to sea freight. However, the shipping time is affected by natural temperature and other aspects, resulting in a very long delivery time. For example, it usually takes about 30-40 days to arrive in the United States by sea. See the location of the destination. European time is even longer.

However, because of the cheap shipping price and large carrying capacity, this is also one of the preferred channels for many sellers, but it is necessary to prepare for the goods in advance.

Compared with sea and air transportation, international express is the shortest in transit time. Some only need one week to reach Europe. For example, if UPS red order or DHL is issued, the timeliness is very fast, but the price also depends on the freight logistics provider. The difference causes different changes.

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