Facing the global transportation to the United States


Channel introduction

As the birthplace and base camp of Amazon, it is also the most densely populated FBA warehouse in the world. The FBA market in the US has always been a major competition for big sellers. As a leader in cross-border logistics, logistics for the US market shop Huahan line wide distribution, volume dispersion time, higher characteristic, for the majority of customer service lines carefully build a low cost and high quality.

Sea head

We maintain long-term cooperation with a large number of high quality container liner companies, including OOCL, COSCO, EVERGREEN, MSC, YML and so on. There are different routes originating from Chinese every day, and to all major ports in eastern Spain, according to the final destination, choose the nearest port of discharge, to reduce the number of transit and reduce the risks of damage.

FBA clearance

1, we have cooperative customs offices in the West and the United States, with lower risk and higher efficiency.

2, the United States line market experts for you to audit a variety of product certification data, to avoid the risk of various trade barriers in advance;

3, Senior Customs experts for you to advance the clearance of customs clearance documents, HS code, product classification, so that customs clearance procedures more reasonable, safer and faster;

FBA dispatch

According to the volume of goods and the customer’s requirement for the time limitation, we can arrange different delivery methods at the destination port, including:

Express delivery: UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc., without the need to reserve the warehouse;


Truck delivery (FTL)

Whole cabinet dispatch (FCL)

Our company has cooperative warehouses in New York, Losangeles, Chicago and other places. It can provide customers with various services such as turnover, replacement, return, labeling, long and short term storage, etc.


Cheap, economical and affordable

Goods suitable for FBA shipping:

The goods with lower requirements (1 and a half months of time in advance);

Large goods;

Excess or overweight goods;

A stable and regular delivery of SKU