Facing the global transportation to the Europe


Channel introduction

As the European maritime market pioneer and leader, I have the Secretary for the safety and stability of the FBA maritime transport business head, covering the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other European countries and most of all the Amazon warehouse location, which can meet the needs of different customers cross-border logistics.

The country’s general advantages such as customs clearance, tax clearance, customs clearance, VAT deferral, FBA and private warehouse delivery have won the praise of many sellers. It is the preferred cross-border logistics program for bulk goods sellers to enter the European market.


We maintain long-term cooperation with many high quality Container liner Company, including APL, CMA, HMM, EVERGREEN, MSC, YML and so on. There are different routes from China to the major ports in Europe every day, as much as possible to reduce the time for customers to wait.

FBA clearance

1, provide customers with professional and flexible customs clearance programs, and help clients design legal and economic overseas tax solutions, reduce tax costs and ease financial pressure.

2, package tax and non tax, VAT payment and deferred, and many kinds of customs clearance mode;

3, our overseas agent Senior Customs experts for you to advance the audit clearance documents, HS encoding, VAT tariff, the customs clearance more reasonable, safe and efficient;

4, our company has a bonded warehouse in Holland, Germany and other countries, goods without customs clearance can be gathered, according to customs warehouse;

FBA dispatch

According to the volume of goods and the customer’s requirement for the time limitation, we can arrange different delivery methods at the destination port, including:

Express delivery: UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc., without the need to reserve the warehouse;


Truck delivery (FTL)

Whole cabinet dispatch (FCL)

Our company has cooperative warehouses in New York, Losangeles, Chicago and other places. It can provide customers with various services such as turnover, replacement, return, labeling, long and short term storage, etc.


Cheap, economical and affordable

Goods suitable for FBA shipping:

The goods with lower requirements (1 and a half months of time in advance);

Large goods;

Excess or overweight goods;

A stable and regular delivery of SKU