Facing the global transportation to the Canada


Channel introduction

Delivery to our warehouse Arrangement of packing / packing Customs declaration and export Maritime transportation Canadian customs clearance Canadian Amazon warehouse reservation Delivery to Amazon warehouse. Yuanyuan company supports the FBA headway of multiple sites and has strong customs clearance ability. It can not only save a lot of trouble, but also avoid risks. 

Channel advantage

The price is excellent;

Fast timeliness;

Channel stability.

Channel attribute

To the country:

Surrounding areas such as the United States and Canada

Shipping timeliness:

YVR is divided into three sections and two sections. The cargo is cut off before 12 noon on Wednesday. The ship leaves for about 17 days and arrives at the port. YYZ 2 cut-off day

Items to be mailed

Most items

Prohibited articles

mitated brand, liquid, powder, food, medicine, inflammable and explosive, antique, currency, sealed packaging and other prohibited exports and airline embargoed goods

Billing weight

The weight requirement of a single piece is more than 10KG, and the dissatisfaction is calculated according to 10KG. Such items need + 2/kg: textiles, wood products, security/webcams, video recorders/cameras, electronic components, projectors, tablet computers, astronomical telescopes, cameras and camera accessories, navigators/driving recorders, adult sex goods, printers, VR glasses, air purifiers, model/UAV, power amplifiers, microscopes, radios. Communication equipment, display screen, mobile phone screen, cosmetic and skin care appliances and consumables, automotive accessories and automotive supplies, set-top box, electric shaver, leather, sphygmomanometer.

Packaging requirements

The weight of a single piece should not exceed 30KG/piece to prevent it from being returned by FBA. Over 15KG, please stick the overweight label yourself. Stick 2 valid FBA warehouse labels.

Matters needing attention

Only take Amazon goods, private address, high value goods consulting separately.