How to choose the right Amazon FBA logistics channel?

For many cross-border e-commerce sellers, facing the many Amazon FBA logistics channels in the market, they don’t know how to choose the channel that suits them. Then choosing the FBA logistics channel is mainly to choose the right one. Then the seller can use the following factors To choose the right logistics channel for yourself.

Factor one, price

Logistics price is related to cost and profit, which is the main concern of sellers. Then the main channel to determine the price is to distinguish air freight, sea freight and international express. Among them, the price of the shipping line is the lowest cost channel, and the same is the longest transportation method in terms of timeliness. Sellers need to control the delivery time to avoid store outs.

Shipping can be divided into fast boats and slow boats. For example, the well-known Mason and Yixing are the fast boats, which are fast in time. It takes about 11-15 days to reach the ports in the western United States. The time limit of the slow boat will take about a month.

Factor two, timeliness

The speed of aging can sometimes determine the rise and fall of a shop. For sellers with tight deadlines, they naturally have to choose direct delivery channels such as air delivery, express delivery, and small parcels. The time limit is relatively low, and you can use the sea line. The Mason Clipper can reach the United States within 20-35 days for signing, and it will take about 25-45 days for slow ships.

Factor three, safety

In terms of safety, no matter what kind of transportation channel, there are risks of loss and delay. Sellers can purchase commercial insurance to improve the safety of goods. And when choosing a logistics company, it is best to choose a certain advantage in transportation, operation, and customs clearance.

Factor four, service

The service is based on the staff’s business level, the timeliness of response, and the problem can be solved in time in the fastest situation.

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