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What should I pay attention to when sending Amazon FBA in Japan?

Japan, as our neighboring country, for Amazon Japan to issue FBA, many
sellers will choose to ship by sea. The overall time limit for Amazon FBA
shipping in Japan is 7~10 days, but the customs in Japan will be relatively
strict, so today we Let me explain, what are the issues that need to be paid
attention to when sending Amazon FBA in Japan?

1. Customs requirements

Unlike other countries, Japan’s customs are very strict. For imported goods,
importer information and cargo information are required, and the merchant’s
local recipients in Japan will be telecommunications to verify, otherwise the
goods will be Seizure.

It should be noted that you must not fill in Amazon as an importer, and Japan
will detain almost all products without an importer. So when Amazon merchants
fill in the information, they must fill in truthfully. And the seller must
confirm with the freight forwarder whether it can provide importer information
to ensure customs clearance and avoid unnecessary impact.

2. Tariff requirements

Japan’s tariff threshold is about US$130, and the tariff rate is about
10%-13%. If it is a large-volume shipment, it is recommended to declare higher,
because once the customs finds that the reported tariff is too low, the goods
will be directly detained, so it is recommended that Amazon merchants
appropriately increase the focus tax.

In terms of product quantity, it is recommended to declare truthfully. If you
want to report falsely, do not differ too much. In addition, the product name
cannot be declared as another product.

3. Product requirements

Japan has strict supervision on food contact materials, so the probability of
general food being detained is very high. Food applications and even material
inspections are required, so higher costs are involved.

At the same time, it should be noted that it is more difficult to clear
customs for products that come in contact with the skin and products that
require PST certification.

4. Product infringement issues

Merchants also need to pay attention to that the products issued by Japanese
FBA must not be infringing products. Once the product is found to be infringing
by the Japanese customs, not only all products will be confiscated, but the
merchants may also be investigated for legal responsibility and financial
penalties. .

Therefore, all Japanese merchants must be familiar with the requirements of
Amazon FBA, so as to better warehousing sales. For Amazon merchants, if they can
find a reliable and professional freight forwarding company, they can
effectively help them deal with various logistics problems and avoid unnecessary

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